You're a parent with a busy life

Your child is getting behind and stressed, and you don't know what to do

You need quick, reliable, calm support

I can offer you the peace of mind and certain knowledge that with academic success coaching, your child can set and achieve specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound goals to be on track for their best year yet!

I am an experienced educator, success coach and parent of five children, with personal experience of parenting through the senior years of secondary schooling. I understand the challenges that may lie ahead for you and your child. I love working with young people and seeing them become the flourishing adults they are meant to be.

This is a uniquely tailored and purpose-driven program, dedicated to your child’s success. It will help them achieve:

·      personal responsibility

·      clarity around their core values

·      accountability for their academic goals

Let me help you make Year 12 transformative rather than traumatic!