Help! I’m a teacher….get me out of here!

You want a clear path ahead to achieve your dreams

You want to reduce anxiety and feel calm again

You’re a teacher and you’ve been giving it everything you’ve got, but something is just not right. You are looking for alternatives because, sadly, this career is not what you hoped it would be. You are not the first, or the last person to feel this way. People change careers all the time…the prevailing wisdom is that most people will have up to four career changes, with around 11 new jobs/employers in that time. The problem is, you don’t even know where to begin. You can’t imagine a life beyond teaching and you’re not sure you have the skills to do anything different. TRUST ME…you can do this!

Many teachers are reluctant to leave the profession because they have invested so heavily in gaining their qualifications and developing a very well-rounded skill set. It may also be hard to muster the courage to look elsewhere if you feel beaten down and have lost a lot of your confidence. Part of that is because you think you have nothing to offer, but it just isn’t true!

 If you are a teacher, these are just some of the skills you will bring to your new career. Teachers are:

¨     communicators

¨     time managers

¨     able to organise and motivate teams

¨     strong leaders

¨     able to express themselves clearly and concisely

 So, where do teachers end up after they leave the profession? They create lives of autonomy and satisfaction in businesses such as: hospitality, womenswear, swimwear, environment and sustainability, children’s clothing, accessories and marketing. Some find paid work in real estate, hospitality, entertainment, the arts and as therapists.

Leaving a profession like teaching requires personal commitment and an investment of time, money and energy. It takes courage to rewrite your story and courage to tell your friends that you are moving in a new direction. There will be doubters and naysayers. People will tell you not to burn your bridges. But there is a strong, almost spiritual sense of relief when you do decide to take a stand, and overcome the very real fear of success you feel…and begin living the life you deserve.

“I wouldn’t even know where to begin”, I hear you say! “I can’t imagine a different future, even though I can’t bear the thought of staying on this pathway”. That’s what I am here for. I forged a path out of teaching and I can help you to do the same. Let’s co-create a positive future together.

See what fulfilled clients have to say about the benefits of working with me:

“I feel the greatest gain for me has been opening up my thoughts to what I really want from my career and my life, and taking steps towards getting there...I am really ready for new challenges and this has been the platform to open up the conversations and start setting goals”
— Rachel S., Frankston

What you'll achieve

·     Clarity: around the purpose of your career and personal goals. You will be able to clearly state what it is you are looking for in your work and your life.

·     Confidence: in your own ability to manage your time and resources. You will set goals and work out the action steps required to achieve them. With me wearing the dual hats of accountability partner and cheerleader, you will get to where you want to go faster than you would on your own, and with greater certainty.

·     Calmness: as you increase personal satisfaction and decrease anxiety. The road to change can be a pretty scary one…which is why many people stay stuck where they are. Working with a coach helps you to focus on achieving your goals, one step at a time. With regular check-ins, you can tweak your goals, change timelines and keep moving forward. It’s an exciting process, guaranteed to bring a feeling of huge relief.

Elizabeth is open-minded and collaborative. We worked together to set specific goals, with Elizabeth often personally following up on their progress. This increased my accountability and productivity. Thanks Elizabeth!”
— Kirra G., Apollo Bay