Tower of Strength cards

This new card set includes 24 artist designed cards aligned with the VIA © Character Strengths.  Each card comes complete with a definition to provoke discussion and reflection in workshops, team meetings, coaching and education settings. Search out the cards that best represent your top strengths, or those of your team-mates, colleagues or classmates.

• Learn your strengths
• Define your values
• Celebrate your uniqueness

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Do you work with young kids or adolescents? 

Do you want them to grow up knowing how to be their best possible selves?

Do you need help with teaching resources, lesson inspiration or motivational speaking?


Elizabeth has worked all over Australia as a motivational teacher and workshop leader for young children and adolescents. Booking her to come to our school was the best decision we’ve made all year. The kids have been more determined, setting goals and thinking about their future.
— St Joseph's School, Katherine, NT

Resources for Teachers

We've spent years working with students, learning how to help them understand, reflect and grow.
Here are some of our most valuable resources, available as FREE downloadable PDFs. 

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"What Went Well?" A worksheet for student reflection


Download and print this PDF to use in the classroom. A positive psychology intervention to foster gratitude and acknoledge the good things in life. 


Valuable verbs for flourishing — A helpful writing guide

Use these verbs as writing prompts or for exercises such as ‘What Went Well?’
A really useful resource for classrooms, workshops or tutoring. 

Download and print this PDF to use in the classroom.


Six-word memoirs… micro stories… pocket poems...

A fun and positive task is to write six-word memoirs.
What stories can you tell with just six words? 
Download this poster and stick up on your classroom walls! 

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