The Extraordinary Link between Creativity and Life Coaching

I believe that creative thinking grows out of two places…the internal world and the external world. Our internal world is those ideas that pop into our head, or that float through our minds, along with our feelings (both physical and emotional).

Our external world is made up of things that impact our senses: the things we see and hear and the people we meet and connect with. The two combined are the foundation of the creative process.

The artist Pablo Picasso describes art as “the lie that brings us closer to the truth.” It is our understanding of the external physical world, and the internal abstract world that drives us forward, making us want to create a representation of this to share with others. We make an image, a piece of music or a dance, in response to our perceptions. It informs our own understanding and allows others to gain an insight into the way we perceive the world.

In coaching, the client also creates a representation of the world. They design and imagine a future world where they have met their goals and where everything has gone as well as it could possibly go. With the help of a coach, they work on discovering a complete sensory awareness of the moment of success. They visualise and then write, draw or talk about this Best Possible Future Self. Then they design the steps that will get them to that point. 

With every action the client takes, the coach asks: “Will this action bring you closer to your desired goal?”

The reason that the coaching process can be so powerful is simple: The creative thinking required of the artist is the same thinking that is required of the coaching client. We are documenting our future world for ourselves and others to see. And step by step, we move towards our goal: the image of the world we have created.