Why I left teaching and became
a Career Transition Coach

There was once a time when I really wanted to become a teacher

I invested massive amounts of time, effort, and money into gaining my qualifications. I dreamt about finally having my own classroom, filled with the smiling faces of eager students.

Finally, I became a teacher. I tried so very hard to be everything my students deserved. I jumped through all the hoops my administration demanded, spent long hours away from my own family, and burned through my energy. It was never enough. On the day reality hit me, I mourned the loss of those dreams.

Uncertainty about
your future

I wanted a Guide who helped people like me to move both onward and upward from teaching.

Once I decided that teaching wasn’t for me,  it took me years to find my way forward and finally leave. Years of struggle because I couldn’t find the help I really needed. No-one understood my skill set, or the grief I experienced about leaving. No one seemed to understand that I had no idea how to move forward.

So I became that Guide

I finally got out via the not for profit sector, while I studied the Master of Applied Positive Psychology and discovered coaching. I then went on to do further ICF approved coaching training and eventually found my way to working alongside teachers.

I’m here to provide you with the support I wish I’d had back then. As your career transition coach, I’ll shine the light and show the way to another path.

YOU deserve a coach who:

  1. Has compassion and understanding
  2. Knows your teaching background
  3. Recognises and appreciates your skill set
  4. Shortens the path to pursuing your future with
    a streamlined process
  5. Has confidence in your ability to move forward and succeed


Work with me

As your career transition coach, I will be your cheerleader, your support, and a source of strength.
You deserve it and you’re ready!

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