About ME

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Diacos, founder of Larksong Enterprises…aka “Super Eliza”.

I was working as an artist and a teacher in community settings for some years when I decided to become a fully fledged teacher, and got my dream job as an arts teacher in 2006. I was so excited!

I thought it was THE best job in the world and I gave it 110%.

I was only working part time, but I went into school on extra days and even recruited my husband and five children, friends and colleagues to tune instruments, cut out stencils, sew curtains and sweep, wipe and scrub before the start of each school year. 

I put my heart and soul into that job, and at the end of that first year, I got a great position in a new school, and it was full steam ahead. But after a term of feeling undermined, bullied and under-resourced, I quit…I didn’t want to waste another moment of my precious time (I was already 43 by then) in such a toxic environment. The next position was for a longer period, and I made some real gains as a professional.

I had a really positive impact on my students as I became better and better at what I did.

I developed some great relationships with parents and families and shared some belly laughs and heart-to-hearts with colleagues. But the expectations kept getting greater, and resources were siphoned off into other areas of need.

The extras that I did for love, became just one more thing that I was expected to do…without thanks or acknowledgment, or any benefit to me or my team. One day when I was told “You have to….”, I thought, “No, I don’t!!…I was doing this because I enjoyed it and I saw the benefit…now it is becoming a burden”

I needed to forge a way out, so I searched for options and decided start a side business. I did more training and invested heavily in myself. And things were starting to look up. But I kept on with teaching. Trying to make a difference wherever I could. Financial pressures kept me teaching, and things continued to go downhill.

My autonomy and creativity were being stifled more and more as each term rolled around.

I was tired, searching for other options, crushed with disappointment and shame at the waste of that precious time and my education costs, and overwhelmed with a sense of deep and morbid dread of putting my feet on the ground and going into work: EVERY… SINGLE.. DAY. 

I hired myself a coach, and one day he asked me why I was doing more education training instead of working on my coaching business. I said, “well...teaching is my Plan B”. He asked me "Why are you working on Plan B?”

I realised that Plan B was not what I wanted and I would end up right back where I started.

So I stopped working on Plan B and began to focus on my new life, quit my teaching job and started talking to others in the same position that I was in. I have interviewed and coached hundreds of people who want to make change in their lives and their stories are a lot like mine.

If I had been doing what I do now, five years ago…I would have hired myself!

These days, I coach via video, working flexibly, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. I’m based in Melbourne, Australia, but I occasionally take a few days to head north to warmer climes and have a swim in the surf. When I’m home, I can potter in my garden, pat George, the fluffy Maremma dog, and hang out a load of washing in between clients. I feel calm, centred and excited about the future. I love helping teachers who are in the position I was in. We stop working on Plan B and say goodbye to shame, fear and dread. When we work together, we co-create the positive future you are looking for and it feels AMAZING!

Let’s make your life worth getting out of bed for!

Let’s find YOUR Plan A!