Are you reluctant to leave teaching because you’ve invested so heavily in this career?

Do you wish you had more control over your own destiny?

Are you finding it hard to muster the courage to look for an alternative pathway?

Have you lost confidence in yourself?

Feel beaten down? Exhausted?

Imagine waking up in the morning feeling
excited, energised and in control of your life

Imagine being on holiday
and not dreading the first day back at school

Imagine having an exit strategy that gets you where you want to be,
working with creativity, freedom and flexibility.

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"The stress is off and I have a plan in motion to get one part of my life in order"

Emilie B, Sydney, Australia, 2018



Find your passion and purpose with Larksong Coaching


“thanks to larksong coaching,I AM reconnected to MY purpose. FINALLY, I HAVE THE opportunity to take action in the moment"

Kim S, Melbourne, Australia, 2018


Elizabeth Diacos

Elizabeth Diacos

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Diacos, founder of Larksong Coaching.

I’m a qualified coach and I work with teachers who are stressed, overwhelmed and looking for a fresh start.

I’ve worked in Education and as a coach over two decades and I’ve seen the pressures on teachers increase to breaking point.

I found a way out of teaching that helps me to fulfil my need to be creative and productive, on my own terms, and I now help other teachers to do the same!


"with elizabeth’s help, I have focused my thoughts. I feel affirmed and encouraged.”

David C, NSW, Australia May 2018