Students in year 12 are at a pivotal point in their lives. They can let life happen to them, or they can learn how to get exactly where they want to go.

This program is suitable for: young people in or approaching Year 12 who want to grasp the skills for success.

Year 12 doesn't have to be a struggle.

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I believe that through success coaching, we can leverage your personal strengths so that you will become your Best Possible Self. 

This program is suitable for:  those who want to gain confidence, clarity, determination and motivation in their life. 

Live the way you truly want.

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About me

My name is Elizabeth Diacos of Larksong Enterprises.

I began my coaching journey with a classmate during the Master of Applied Positive Psychology course as a class exercise. When my 'client' decided on the course of action she would take, her whole demeanour changed. Her issue was resolved and she had regained her passion and purpose! It was like watching a sunflower turn its face to the sun, and I was amazed at the power of the coaching process.

I've since moved on to gain a Graduate Diploma in Organisational Coaching and membership of the International Coach Federation, but I love coaching as much as I did on that very first day.


Personal success coaching

Deep down inside, what is important to you?

What do you want your life to stand for? What sort of qualities do you want to cultivate as a person? How do you want to be in your relationships with others? Values are our heart’s deepest desires for the way we want to interact with and relate to the world, other people, and ourselves.

Discover your values, your leading principles that will guide you and motivate you as you design the life you want in the 6 week personal success program.

Academic Success Program

designed to let your son or daughter shine at VCE

I understand the challenges that may lie ahead for you and your child. I love working with young people and seeing them become the flourishing adults they are meant to be.  

I'm so confident in 6 Week Academic Success Program that if your child does not improve you get 100% of the fee refunded. 

My daughter found Elizabeth to be extremely warm, approachable and trustworthy. She enjoyed having the guidance and support of an experienced adult who was not as emotionally involved as a parent.

Elizabeth has helped steer my daughter along the path to academic success, and I highly recommend her to anyone with children in the final years of secondary school or entering tertiary study.
— A recent client