Are you ready to get out of teaching?


out of teaching

You’ve been searching the internet for “quit my teaching job” and “best career options for former teachers” while you sit there lost, stuck, and feeling like there’s no way out.

You’ve been adding up the bills and comparing the total with your teaching salary.  Overworked, underpaid, stressed out. It’s not a pretty picture.

I understand.  I’m here to help you discover what YOU need to know to move your life forward.


"I'd been in Education for 21 years and was feeling as if nothing I did was ever enough and that I was constantly waiting for the next demand. At the point of meeting Elizabeth I felt a sense of defeat and became deflated because of it. Work had been sapping my thoughts and energy for the things that truly deserved them. In the 6 months that I've worked with Elizabeth, not only have I worked up the courage to resign from my job, but all those negative thoughts and feelings I encountered last year have disappeared. I've now got energy to proactively go about creating a healthier balance in my life."

Therese P., Victoria, Australia

"Like many educators, I was working long hours because that's what the job demands. However, my health was suffering but I couldn't stop, because that's what the job seems to require these days. Elizabeth helped me understand that I wasn't letting anyone down by making a change in career and gave me "permission" to look to my own health and needs. She was a constant encouragement as I made this difficult decision. Fellow teachers - it is a tough job, and there may come a time when you are considering your options. That's OK! Have a chat with Elizabeth, and see what possibilities you can explore together."

Robert B., NSW, Australia

"When I left teaching in September 2018, I knew I couldn’t teach again. Just the thought of walking back into a school had my whole body shaking. I did not know how to move forward. I remember my first phone call with Elizabeth. She listened to my story, and then talked about living a life of joy. After working with Elizabeth, I now have a purpose in life, and have structured my days so I can run my own businesses. I am definitely living a life full of joy and am much happier. Without her input, none of this would have happened."

Ally Forbes, Tasmania, Australia

I was on a medical leave due to a cancer diagnosis. When I felt such relief for not having to teach that year, I knew I had to "Get Out of Teaching". It is so true that only another teacher can truly understand the life of a teacher. Elizabeth drew from all her own personal experiences to help me. She has a wealth of knowledge. With her coaching sessions I was able to gain back my confidence and work towards my goal without fear of failing.

Serena Suranyi., Union City, California U.S.A.

Poised for success

As a career transition coach, I’m here to hold up a mirror. Not just any mirror, but one that shows you in the best light.  Even if it was hidden for a long time. You’ll learn to build a career filled with joy, meaning, and purpose.

Together, we’ll uncover the strength you’ve always had

When you’ve given so much of yourself (your time, your heart and your energy) to teaching, it can be hard to know WHO you are outside of the classroom.

We’ll shine light on your skills, your expertise, and your leadership qualities. Join me on a journey to the heart of your future. Our destination: an empowered, confident YOU.

By the end of our time together, you’ll recognise your worth.

You’ll be ready to seize the right opportunities as they arise. Or even create your own opportunity!

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Diacos, founder of Larksong Enterprises

I’m a qualified coach who helps teachers looking for a fresh start. I’ve worked in Education and as a coach over two decades. During that time, the pressures on teachers have increased to breaking point. You deserve better!

I found a way out of teaching that helps me fulfil my need to be creative and productive, on my own terms.

My purpose now is showing teachers from all around the world it’s possible for you to do the same. Visit my Getting Started Page to learn more about how I can help you find your way.