Stories of Hope and Transition

If you found us through the Get Out of Teaching! Podcast, you’ll be thrilled to see all the episodes available here. This is the home of inspiring stories about post-teaching career success!

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Late Career Teachers who made a change

Lyn McLennan
David Wright

Teachers who have overcome adversity and found new careers

Shaun Kay
Robyn Hawke
Natalie Lynch
Candice Allen

Teachers who have set up their own business

Steve Liddell
Dustin Stevens
Deba Douglas

Teachers who followed their creative passions and interests

Gabbie Stroud (Australia)
Caleb Shipley (USA)
Amanda Croatto (Melbourne, Australia)
Ally Forbes (Tasmania, Australia)

Teachers who joined an existing business/organisation

Tracey Wyber (Australia)
Ross McKinnon (Melbourne, Australia)
Amber Blaylock (USA)

‘Fly-On-The-Wall’ Coaching Calls

Sally Dowinton (Western Australia)
Leisa Mc Mahon (Australia)
Alicia (Vienna, Austria)