Work with me

What does it look like to work with me?

The first step is to book a strategy call. Sometimes it's not that easy to work out if you should leave straightaway, or if you should start working on an exit strategy. The strategy call is where we discuss the possibilities for the future, and determine if now is the right time for you to quit teaching.

What happens on a
Strategy Call?

Can you really help me in only 45 minutes?

The 45 minute strategy call is where we'll look at where you are now, where you'd like to be and how we might bridge that gap. We consider the impact work has on your physical and mental health, your relationships with your family and friends, and possibilities for the future. You'll go away with some practical next steps to take and if we're a good fit, I may invite you to join one of my coaching programs.

What coaching programs
do you offer?

Coaching is not for the faint-hearted. There will be hard work to do and you need to allow yourself the time and energy to create this positive change in your life. You will be doing the heavy lifting and I will be alongside you, giving support, encouragement and guidance as we craft a clear pathway out of Education and into a life you love.

There are a few different coaching options to choose from:

Bundle of 3 x 1 hour coaching calls

We dig deep, work on mapping out your future pathway and leave each session with a goal and a focus for the week ahead.

It's so satisfying to take action each and every session and know that you're on the path to creating your best life and being your best possible self.
‍After the strategy call, the plan develops. The best way forward is to work on a plan over 3 dedicated sessions

START with a Strategy Call

Membership  Community Subscription

This exciting new program offers group coaching. discussion threads, webinars, Q & A sessions and bonus content from past podcast guests sharing their expertise to support you in your journey.

For only $45 AUD/ $33 USD you can get ongoing support, for a modest investment.

If you have further questions, you can email me at

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