Resumé Revamp

Resumé RevampResumé RevampResumé Revamp


This is a guide to help you re-position yourself in the marketplace so that you can take your talents, skills and experiences and articulate them in a way that will appeal to recruiters and employers from a vast array of fields.‍It's what every teacher needs! If you are on your way out of teaching and feel overwhelmed at starting a resumé from scratch, this resource will give you the confidence to write a new resumé that will help you to stand out from the crowd. Read on below to know what you'll get.




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Hello Teachers,

How is your resumé looking?

Is it clean and easy-to-read?

Will it get past the applicant tracking software?

Does the language you use match up with the language used in your new role, or are you using teacher language?

If you’re worried about any of these things, do not fear. I’ve been working on the perfect resource for you: The Resumé Revamp.

As a teacher, you have a strong suite of transferable skills that can carry you over into roles outside of Education. Roles that are not only well paid, but also have generous benefits and excellent working conditions.

Imagine being able to pee whenever you like… and leave work at work!

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

An easy first step is to spruce up your resumé!

  • 2 Clean, clear, eye-pleasing resumé templates to choose from, with pre-filled sections for ease and speed, one normal and one Applicant Tracking Software Friendly, in both US letter and A4 size.
  • A guide to the purpose and function of your resumé and how to make it show off your assets, including gaining value from your referees
  • A lexicon of teacher terminology with a translation to corporate speak
  • An ATS friendly sample cover letter that you can copy or adapt for your next application, in both US letter and A4 size
  • AND… your BONUS PDF on Getting Past Applicant Tracking Software (ATS)

For just $89.95, you can download this resource and get started on making a resumé that will set you up for success.

Want to know more? Check out this video: